Piano brings together chefs, restaurants and their guests in order to live new culinary experiences.

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Unleash your talent

Cook freely with restaurateurs ready to welcome you for a one-off event or a part-time residence. Expand your network, meet new customers and promote your cuisine. Speed ​​up your career while saving your time.



Create events

Invite chefs to cook in your restaurant for a one-off event or a residence lasting several days, weeks, or more. Piano ensures your event is visible to an audience of curious and connected gourmets, helping you to build a network of talents and increase your turnover.


Piano’s charter

An ethical commitment based on 8 principles

Be Piano

Be open-minded and always welcoming. Know how to build a nice and professional relationship. Listen and take good care of others.

Guarantee the quality

Know where and how to buy the best products via leading networks. Control your purchases in order to caliber and respect the right ratios.

Be creative

Offer genuine, inventive or classic cuisine, which emanates love, generosity and taste, made from quality and seasonal products.

Be nice

Know how to receive and transmit a good vibe. Offer an efficient service, embodied by a pleasant and motivated team.

Be eco-responsible

Promote a sustainable and eco-friendly cuisine, good for the planet, committed to respect for others and for the nature, without wasting food.

Lead and manage

Respect the rules of hygiene. Have a pro-active operational management team always surrounded by competent and committed staff.

Love wines

Offer harmonious food and wine pairing, classic or original, wines that surprise, respect consumers, and enhance the palate.

Make some noise

Share your passion for cooking and unite your clients and communities by posting your culinary events on social networks.

Sébastien Ripari

Sébastien Ripari

Gastronomic expert

For me, Piano represents a brillant new trend in gastronomy. A total liberty of your time and space, while enhancing your creativity in a rich cultural environmnent.

Culinary nomadism is now a reality driven by the wealth of shared experiences thanks to travels, gastronomy and innovation. This culinary revolution is possible only with you.

Signature Sébastien Ripari

Photo © Alban Couturier


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